Boutique Accommodation

Boutique Hotel is a small and intimate hotel, held in a stylish design decor with a personal note. It has a unique character and distinguishes itself from other hotel brands. It is true to its heritage, it provides guests with great and ultra-personalized service and is typically situated in a fashionable urban location. Choose from a diverse range of accommodation from our list that encompasses historic estates, vineyard cottages, or boutique guest houses, typically providing unique facilities, location, service, and guest experiences. Wake up to a spectacular alpine vista or a scenic freshwater lake – boutique accommodation can be a treat for the night or for your entire holiday. Being your DMC gateway we are just a click away to suggest & book the Hotel of your choice.

Luxury Hotels

Luxury Hotel is considered a hotel that provides a luxurious accommodation experience to our guests, in a class of their own, they are extremely accommodating and cater to the most discerning visitor. Where your every need is taken care of outstanding hotel dining on fine gourmet cuisine great breakfast (quality and quantity-wise) Michelin-starred restaurants, 24 hours room service, Luxury room features, High-quality furnishings with opulent, expensive touches, attention to aesthetic detail, a quiet room with fresh air, original art on the walls, windows that open, robes and slippers, adequate storage, hangers, desk. These unique properties offer the pleasures of things like spa treatments, private golf, helicopter flights, wilderness adventures, and much more, we have a long list of top brands of Luxury hotels that can provide you almost whatever your heart desires. Being your DMC gateway we are just a click away to suggest & book the Hotel of your choice.


Apartments are a popular self-catering accommodation option. Apartments are found in many areas but are most common in built-up areas such as towns and cities and busy resorts. Apartments can be large or small and can range from short-term to long-term lets. Most serviced apartments will offer a fully-functional and furnished house, with everything you require on a daily basis. This includes an equipped kitchen, washing machine, separate bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms and WC, Wi-Fi services, television, water, electricity, and even a periodic housekeeping service. In case of any problem, you will be able to reach out to the concierge services or the helpdesk, for quick grievance redressal.

Most people opt for a serviced apartment because these offer far more privacy than a hotel room. Rooms in a hotel are, on average, 325 sq. ft. A serviced apartment, on the contrary, is a full house at your disposal. You are free to use the kitchen, or the washing machine and you may have access to conference rooms and any other amenities within the apartment complex, subject to the rules of the serviced apartment’s owner. Therefore, if you are living in a serviced apartment, you can avail yourself of all home-like amenities, for a price. We may assit you to book the same of your choice anywhere as per your requiremnets.


A cottage is typically a small, cosy house that is classed as being old or traditional. Cottages are quintessential British homes that are often found in semi-rural locations. Because of their unique character, culture, and heritage, cottages make for popular holiday homes.
Cottages provide tourists with the opportunity for a ‘home from home experience. Guests can usually cook, do laundry and watch TV as they would in their own home.


Small holiday houses, usually wooden, with a roof covered with palm leaves in exotic countries. Bungalows are often located next to the beach, and they have a porch with a sea-view.


Farms offering stay for tourists. There are mainly family-run companies, giving guests a chance to spend time in the countryside in an active way, often this kind of leisure is related to, for example, field work.In addition to the facilities mentioned above, there are many other types of hotels in the world, the definition of which is not specified in Polish legislation.